White gold tanzanite ring

How to Choose White Gold Tanzanite Rings

White gold tanzanite rings offer a subtle yet stunning beauty that any ring-lover will adore. Many gemstone wedding bands are white gold tanzanite rings, as the sapphire-colored gemstone Tanzanite symbolizes eternal truth and a higher love – making it the perfect stone for the spiritual and secular alike.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a white gold tanzanite ring, you might want to find your ring sooner rather than later. Tanzanite is experiencing its high point in popularity, though it is a much rarer gemstone than a diamond – but for now, tanzanite is also much more affordable. This happy coincidence might not last much longer, as tanzanite prices are increasing, and availability lessens.

Your perfect pick – white gold tanzanite rings

The gemstone tanzanite exhibits trichroism, a rare color characteristic that displays different flashes of color depending on the light the gemstone is viewed within. For tanzanite, while the overall stone is a bluish purple, the stone reflects a range of hues from dark blue, violate, and even sometimes dark bourbon shades.

Imagine such a stunning, vibrant stone set against the radiant and purity of white gold. The softened white gold allows the brilliance of tanzanite to pop – bringing out exceptional blue and purple twilight colors.

Everything you need to know about Rhodium plating

If you’re considering purchasing any silver, platinum, or white gold ring, you need to consider the Rhodium plating. But don’t worry – it’s not something that should prevent you from picking the engagement ring of your dreams, and there are plenty of affordable and easy-to-maintain white gold tanzanite rings that you can find at sites like www.tanzaniteringsHQ.com. But you should be aware of what you’re getting before you purchase any ring.

All rings made with white gold require a plate of rhodium to maintain that bright reflective white color. Rhodium plating is used to increase strength, durability, and brightness on rings – especially wedding rings and engagement rings – but don’t worry – it – on average – only adds 1/100th of the width of a human hair onto the band.

So what’s the rub?

Over time, rhodium plating will wear off, so when considering white gold tanzanite rings, you need to consider rings that have the right – and equal – thickness of rhodium plating – so as to avoid uneven discoloration as time passes, and frequent “re-plating.”

Stop before you consider a cheap rhodium plating or re-plating. Some less quality jewelers and sellers are often not upfront with rhodium treatments on their rings, especially if those rings are cheap white gold or silver. However, if your ring has been treated with only a thin layer of rhodium, in a few weeks, the band will lose its shine, and possibly show signs of discoloration. Your finger could even show a slight green tinge underneath where the rhodium is reacting with the oils from your skin.

That’s why it’s so important when considering a white gold ring, especially white gold tanzanite rings, to purchase from reputable jewelers – and get all the facts before you buy. Learn all about rhodium plating and tips on purchasing jewelry from responsible sellers at Tanzanite Rings HQ. You can also find beautiful examples of white gold tanzanite rings in our gallery – and learn more about tanzanite, its history, and why so many people love the gemstone and jewelry.

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