Tanzanite and Diamond Rings

If you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or friend and want a stunning, vibrant ring, we can help you find the perfect tanzanite and diamond rings perfect for your loved one.

While shopping for jewelry is a feat all on its own, before you can even start looking – you need to determine the style she likes. Let’s do some detective work to figure it out.

What rings does she already own?

Be observant and check out her jewelry box, or examine what she wears on a day-to-day basis. Does she wear rings often, and if she does – are any gemstones? Tanzanite and diamond rings are perfect for both casual and formal outfits, so if your lady is someone who likes to both keep it classy and also has a casual elegance about her, she might love a tanzanite and diamond ring.


Tanzanite and diamond rings are versatile

If your loved one likes wearing large rings with vibrant colors and textures, a tanzanite diamond ring might be her next favorite jewelry piece. Tanzanite is a modern deep blue gemstone that’s striking to the eye and has luxurious hues of violet and deep purple within its cut. This purplish-blue stone looks brilliant nested within a large setting, and the white brilliance of diamonds emphasize the deep colors of the gem.

Yet if you know that the woman you’re shopping for wears small, more under-stated rings, you have a variety of tanzanite and diamond rings you can choose from. Tanzanite is a stone that can be cut and placed into a small setting, and its vivid color makes it eye-catching even as a smaller stone.

Tanzanite diamond rings go well with all metals

Did you know that there are three main types of metal that can make up a ring band? You have platinum, white gold tanzanite rings, and silver. There are pros and cons of each (e.g., Platinum is hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant while silver is cost-effective and durable) – but the major pro of tanzanite and diamond rings is: they go well with all three metals—even the different types of gold (including yellow, white, black, and rose).

Tanzanite and diamond rings are both modern & vintage

One last note about rings is that there are often two distinct styles: modern and vintage. Modern rings are more clean, with smooth settings and often larger, chunkier gemstone settings. Vintage rings (or vintage-inspired rings) tend to be more colorful, and have detailed filigree work, and are heavier.

The good news is: tanzanite and diamond rings offer settings and options in both these styles. For the woman who likes her rings simple and modern, a tanzanite diamond ring can be set with clean, simple lines and a softer, lighter hue of tanzanite. For a more vintage-inspired ring, you can choose a darker, more saturated blue or even purplish tanzanite stone, and a setting with larger diamonds and detailed filigree work.

Whatever you end up choosing in the end, selecting a piece of jewelry for your loved one doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be a fun process that helps you notice what she enjoys and even might allow you to score a few “brownie points” by remarking on her style, taste, and jewelry accents. If you want to read more about tanzanite jewelry or want help choosing the perfect tanzanite and diamond ring, please read more of our blogs, or head to our gallery to check out our featured jewelry selection and most popular tanzanite rings!

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