How to secretly find out her ring size

enagagement ring memeAs if proposing isn’t stressful enough on its own, with all the planning and wondering what she’ll say, it seems unfair that on top of all that worry is one related to the logistics of the ring itself. In this article, I examine how to secretly find out her ring size, so that the proposal remains a surprise, but you’re also not left slipping on a ring that is way too loose or… probably worse – one that doesn’t fit at all!

Some facts about fingers

Before I reveal some of the stealthy ways you can secretly find out her ring size, let’s go over why this is important. And I don’t mean why you’re buying a ring to begin with… if you haven’t come to peace with that idea, the engagement might not be for you.

Ring size is important to consider because resizing a ring (this works with your beautiful tanzanite specific ring) can be a pain (though often it’s necessary, even with good preparation and some tricks), and because fingers are tricky.

Did you know…

  • Her left and right hand might be slightly different sizes? Which means each individual finger (in this case, the ring finger) might be a different size. So if you decide to go with the “Stealthy Steal,” make sure you’re choosing a ring she wears on the correct hand.
  • Many people’s knuckles are wider than their fingers, so even if the ring sits well on the finger, it might be tough to remove if the size doesn’t account the knuckle.
  • Fingers swell and change size due to: temperature, her monthly cycle, and even daily sodium levels in the body

Our favorite ways to secretly figure out her ring size for your engagement

  1. The Tracing Trick

Take a piece of paper and a pencil, and trace around one of her rings so that you have the size down. Or print out a ring sizer sheet, and compare what size one of her rings is on the sheet.

  1. Stealthy Soap

Go purchase a bar of Ivory soap (or another fairly soft soap) and make an impression of her ring in the soap bar. Remember to wipe down her ring afterwards, if there’s any residue!

  1. Phone A Friend

This is often the easiest, and you’d be surprised how many women tell their friends their ring size (especially if she’s hoping you’ll pop the question soon). Make sure whoever you call can be trusted to keep your secret!

  1. Borrow the Bling

Probably one of the most popular ways, but also risky. Borrow one of her rings and take it to the shop with you. Just make sure that the ring is from the correct hand, and it’s best if the ring you take matches the style of your desired engagement ring.

  1. Feel Her Fingers

Not as creepy as it sounds, I swear! If you’re holding hands or snuggling, feel her fingers, and compare them with yours. If say her ring finger matches the size of your pinky, then you can use your hand to choose a ring at the store.

A few last tips!

  • Remember, dominant hands tend to be slightly bigger, so remember to measure her left!
  • The most common women’s ring size is 6.5
  • Wider rings have a tighter fit than thinner bands, so borrow a similar band to the ring you want to buy

I hope these stealthy suggestions helped inspire you to find out how to secretly figure out her ring size! Good luck!

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