How to Clean Your Tanzanite Ring When It Starts Turning Cloudy

Tanzanite rings are incredibly beautiful, and the perfect accessory to add a bit of color and “pop” to whatever wardrobe you happen to be wearing. In fact, tanzanite is such a versatile colored gemstone, most people find that their tanzanite ring goes with every outfit they have—regardless of whether you’re headed out for a night on the town or you’re just headed to work. A tanzanite ring can be an everyday ring.

One of the best features of tanzanite rings is the color—most rings are a brilliant and intense bluish purple (or purplish blue) that sparkles in the light, throwing off different shades depending on what type of light you happen to be under.

So what happens when your tanzanite ring starts getting dirty? Like all rings, especially those worn daily, tanzanite rings can lose their shine and luster, and when they do, the beautiful blue gemstone can appear cloudy. So in this post, we examine…

tanzanite ring getting cloudy

An example from showing what tanzanite can look like when it gets cloudy. Does your ring look cloudy? Leave a comment below!


  • The first thing you need to know about tanzanite in this process is to NEVER use harsh chemicals to clean it. This is true of all precious stones – you should carefully read all ingredients in whatever cleaning product you choose, but on the whole, only clean your tanzanite ring with warm, soapy water. Liquid dishwasher soap might even be too harsh, depending on the brand.
  • You should also avoid using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. These devices can be acceptable cleaners for some jewelry, but not tanzanite. This is because tanzanite is already heat-treated to bring out its blue coloring from the natural reddish brown state, and so exposing the stone more to heat could lead to a dulling of the color or shine.
  • The best way to clean your tanzanite ring when it gets cloudy is to soak it in soapy water for at least 20-30 minutes, and then take a specialized jewelry polishing cloth and rub the stone gently, in small circles, and dry off excess water, using a Q-tip if necessary to get into small crevices, and then cleaning the band of the ring itself as well. If you use a jewelry polishing cloth (which is essentially an incredibly fine, soft cloth) and clean your tanzanite ring this way, you will remove any cloudiness from dirt and grime, and unearth its radiant sparkle.

Of course, if you are worried about scratching or ruining your tanzanite ring, you can also take it into a jeweler to have them do a cleaning, but this can be expensive and also risky if your ring is not insured. My suggestion is to do the cleaning yourself at home, as it is fairly simple and your jewelry is not likely to be scratched or otherwise damaged as long as you take the time to carefully clean the stone, and invest in the jewelry polishing cloth. You can find other tips and advice on how to maintain your tanzanite jewelry at, as well as view an amazing gallery of beautiful tanzanite rings and jewelry. In my opinion, you can never own enough of the brilliant blue stone!

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