The Tanzanite Necklace – New Celebrity Darling

Have you noticed that the tanzanite necklace and tanzanite jewelry have become popular with celebs lately? We certainly have! From Beyoncé sporting a big blue tanzanite ring (a gift from Jay Z perhaps?!) to Anne Hathaway sporting a beautiful deep blue dress and tanzanite earrings at the Oscars to Cate Blanchett wearing a tanzanite and diamond necklace, celebs (especially the blue-eyed beauties) have started sporting this dazzling gemstone.

A Beautiful Necklace for Any Occasion

Tanzanite necklaces are a beautiful and unique addition to your daily wardrobe, and can be an exquisite accompaniment that turns heads evokes compliments. So where have you seen a tanzanite necklace before? Let’s examine the history of the tanzanite necklace and celebrity sightings.


The Star of the Stars

Perhaps the most famous tanzanite necklace connected to film and celebrity is from The Titanic. That’s right, remember the beautiful heart-shaped diamond necklace that was tossed overboard at the end? Well, truth be told: diamonds are not really that big, nor are they that blue. The gemstone that more closely resembles the famed necklace in that film would have been a tanzanite necklace and gemstone.

Tanzanite has a breathtaking deep blue color that often moves into deep purples as well. These gemstones rival the best blue diamonds in the world, and are not as expensive or hard to own. A tanzanite necklace or tanzanite bracelet can range from an incredible deep blue to opaque violet to a pastel blue with softened hues and clarity.

The Tanzanite Necklace & Celebrities

More celebrities that have begun wearing this eye-catching gemstone? Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted wearing a round tanzanite necklace with diamonds. Wendi McLendon-Covey went to the Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards sporting a blueberry tanzanite necklace with multiple jewel droplets hanging from a diamond choker. But none of course rivals the incredible, gigantic heart-shaped gem that Kate Winslet wore for her Titanic portrait.

So what about you? While the Hope Diamond and “The Heart of the Ocean” may be out of your price point, you can definitely afford to purchase a beautiful and stunning tanzanite necklace—of whatever color and saturation you like the most. If you’re searching for flawless, film-quality tanzanite necklaces, check out the gallery at Tanzanite Rings HQ for a variety of options and create your own love story (with a happier ending perhaps than Kate & Leo’s too!).

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