Have You Seen Beyoncé’s Tanzanite Ring?

beyonces tanzanite ringCelebrities are known for buying expensive jewelry for themselves and their loved ones, and the rings and necklaces that they purchase can be beautiful examples of the best of a certain type of gemstone. Engagement rings are no exception to this, and often the most elaborate and expensive rings ever created (especially custom designed) were made for and worn by celebrities.

Most Expensive Tanzanite Rings

For example, one of the most expensive rings ever purchased was an Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring for Elizabeth Taylor, from Richard Burton. The 33.19-carat ring was certified Type IIa (the most chemically pure and transparent diamond possible) and was worth $8.8 million.

Beyonce’s Tanzanite Ring From Jay Z

But what about Beyoncé? When Jay Z proposed, he presented the Queen B with an 18-carat octagon-cut diamond ring set in a platinum base designed by Lorraine Schwartz. The stone was worth $5 million, but he didn’t stop there with his beautiful gemstone gifts. Speculation swirled after Blue Ivy was born and Beyoncé was spotted with new bling – this time, the ring was a stunning blue tanzanite and diamond ring. Rumored to be a gift in honor of both Jay Z’s favorite color (blue!), and their newborn daughter Blue Ivy, the 8-10-carat cushion cut tanzanite ring is valued at $35,000.

While the ring is gorgeous, some controversy surrounds the alleged reasoning behind the ring. Tabloids have deemed this gift a “push present,” a fad new term to describe a present new fathers gift to their wives after pregnancy. While some find the term harmless fun, other women find the term patronizing and rude.

“It’s hard to deny that the unfortunate name makes women sound like human slot machines waiting to spit out a jackpot,” a New York Times article purports. And there is something to be said about the majority of couples who give push presents tending to be more wealthy. But the idea of giving a gift to a woman after her pregnancy also transcends cultural lines, and has deep roots in many places – including in Tanzania, Africa – the origin of the tanzanite gemstone.

According to some sources, among the reasons Jay Z decided to go with tanzanite for Beyoncé’s ring was also because of the tradition among the Maasai people (the traditional warrior herders of Tanzania) of gifting blue to new mothers. That and because tanzanite is also an extremely rare, beautiful stone that is versatile enough to match Beyoncé’s ever-changing amazing sense of style.


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