Tanzanite Earrings

Your Style, Your Earrings

Whatever style or look you desire—you can achieve it with the perfect pair of these brilliant blue earrings

Tanzanite earrings have always been a way to subtly or boldly showcase your personality and personal style, and most women—and a growing number of men—have impressively large earring collections. Earrings can come in any different styles, shapes, sizes, and price range—but there are always those few that—regardless of the length of time you have owned them, or the type of occasion, you find yourself returning to time and time again.

Earrings with this famous blue gemstone featured within them are an example of timeless, beautiful jewelry that is versatile enough to match whatever outfit you choose to wear, and unique enough that—no matter where you go—you’ll get compliments. Jewelry is an investment and not a necessity, we know. So when you have the opportunity to purchase earrings for yourself or someone you care about, why not choose earrings that fit your varied and active lifestyle.


What’s your favorite style of earring?

Studs, Scoops, Hoops, and Earful—Our Favorite Blue-Indigo Earrings Come in All Shapes & Styles

One of the benefits of buying tanzanite earrings is that no matter what the occasion, your earrings will match. For jewelry enthusiasts and modern women and men looking to make a statement with their gemstone choice, these earrings are the perfect choice. If you are purchasing a gift for a loved one, ask yourself – is she prone to nostalgia and loves the classic look? Studs with tanzanite might be right up her alley. If she’s active or on-the-go, tanzanite studs are a stylish, understated accent that match just as well to a tailored power suit as they do to dressier cocktail attire. Tanzanite stud earrings can even be left in during that lunch break spin class or between-errand yoga break—and come in a variety of settings as unique as the wearer. These studs are also gaining popularity as one-lobe rings for men or individuals looking to add a bit of brilliance to their look as well—and look particularly striking when paired with jeans, blue-accented polos, or cornflower blue eyes.

If you like a bit of a flashier, fun style—scoop and hoop blue gemstone earrings might be right for you. You can’t go wrong purchasing hoop earrings for a loved one, as scoops and hoops are an essential part of the fashionista’s jewelry box. One of the best things about tanzanite hoop earrings? The range of sizes. Glam up an outfit with large, dangling hoops, or draw some attention with more conservative hoops. Line your choice with diamonds or polished sterling silver or gold to ‘pop’ even more. Hoop earrings are a fun alternative to wear every day or on a special occasion—and you can find a considerable collection of beautiful options on Tanzanite Rings HQ.

Last—but not least—earful earrings—earrings designed to make a statement and be bold, beautiful, and distinctive. Tanzanite earful earrings are all about you! A popular style features a large gemstone surrounded by smaller diamond or complementing stones—drawing the eye irresistibly towards such a dynamic style and size. Oftentimes statement earrings are picked because they represent more than just jewelry to the wearer. In the case of tanzanite, this bold blue symbolizes fidelity, eternal love and mutual understanding—and the gemstone itself signifies insight and sensitivity. As the official precious birthstone of December, tanzanite in earrings can be the perfect birthday, anniversary, graduation, or wedding gift. Whatever the reason for purchasing your next pair of tanzanite earrings, you can’t go wrong with the alluring and bewitching collection featured on this site.