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How to Purchase a Conflict-Free Tanzanite Bracelet

What does it mean for a gemstone to be “conflict free” or ethically sourced? If you’re thinking about purchasing a tanzanite bracelet or any piece of precious stone jewelry, you might want to consider the source of that stone and its history. For a gemstone to be ethnically sourced, it should not have financed a […]

The History of the Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet is a classic jewelry piece that has become increasingly popular across the U.S. and worldwide, and a tanzanite tennis bracelet is a discriminating choice for anyone choosing a gift for their loved one. But a gift is more interesting and meaningful when you know the history surrounding it, so in this post, […]

The Tanzanite Necklace – New Celebrity Darling

Have you noticed that the tanzanite necklace and tanzanite jewelry have become popular with celebs lately? We certainly have! From Beyoncé sporting a big blue tanzanite ring (a gift from Jay Z perhaps?!) to Anne Hathaway sporting a beautiful deep blue dress and tanzanite earrings at the Oscars to Cate Blanchett wearing a tanzanite and […]